How to get


There are different ways to get to the Aeolian Islands:

By Car

Take the highway Salerno / Reggio Calabria cross the Strait of Messina by Caronte ferry arriving to Messina or Milazzo, park the car in a private garage (there are some who make excellent weekly prices) then take the first ferry or hydrofoil to the Aeolian Islands. Every day and all day there are ferries and hydrofoils to Aeolian islands with the Siremar  and Ustica lines. If you do not enjoy driving to Villa San Giovanni you can stop in Salerno, from there take a ferry with the ability to take on even your car, the Caronte&Tourist line making the transfer all day except Monday.

By Ferry

Leaves on Friday evening from Naples to Aeolian, arrive the next day in the morning, Siremar is the shipping company.

By Hydrofoil

With the company SNAV, faster but also more expensive, leaves every day from Naples Mergellina approximately at 02:00p.m. high season also makes a second run in the morning and arrives to the islands in the evening.

By plane

Flying on Reggio Calabria then take the hydrofoil from Reggio making a stop in Messina (check the efficiency of the service before booking the plane as the Calabria region for some years had suspended the service)

Flying on Catania then take a bus to Milazzo (to be booked on the internet with the company Alibrando, with the possibility to also book the ticket of ‘hydrofoil to Lipari in advance) from there by hydrofoil to the Aeolian islands

Flying on Palermo and hydrofoil to the islands (the hydrofoil service from Palermo to the islands makes few rides please accurately check the connections).

All seems a bit ‘complicated but I assure you it is much harder to tell that to do, definitely the solution from Naples by hydrofoil and the solution by plane to Catania are the simplest but also the most popular.

Dove siamo

Boarding in Lipari:

85b62d4a27ea43297eb1ab349b6e06c6_XLYou can find us at the Buona Fonda mooring a short walk from the Lipari harbor in Marina Lunga where dock ships and hydrofoils, out from the hydrofoil  go to the right 150 meters  the first floating dock in front of Quinta Luna bar.

On the dock will you say welcome the beautiful La Greca family (Michela, Antonio, Lucia and Nuccio), ask them Simona and Andrea they will tell our boats.